Next PhD vivas

This November, two CMC students will defend their PhD :

 Gauthier Lefebvre, who worked on the "Synthesis of new classes of pentafluorosulfanylated compounds" with C. Meyer and J. Cossy. Defense scheduled on November, 12nd at 2 pm in amphitheater Holweck

 Nicolas Gillaizeau-Simonian, who worked on the "Cobalt-Catalyzed 1,4-Aryl Migration/Desulfonylation" with A. Guérinot and J. Cossy. Defense scheduled on November, 17th at 2 pm in amphitheater Holweck


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Practical information

The CMC team is part of the Molecular, Macromolecular Chemistry and Materials research unit (C3M, UMR7167) along with the CDM and CPF teams (former MMC lab).

C3M Director: Michel Cloitre
CMC Team Leader: Amandine Guérinot
Administrative assistant: Aroul Radja

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